What is a Drone?


A Drone or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is an aircraft with no pilot on board. These are normally controlled by a ground based operator.

Do you need a licence to fly a Drone?

Anyone who wants to fly a Drone for commercial purposes is required to get approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This is called a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations). We are fully licensed and insured for commercial operations.

Our Insurance

As it’s a legal requirement to have correct Drone insurance we hold full liability insurance for all our commercial operations. We are covered for your flight for up to £10 million.

Can you fly anywhere?

The CAA imposes strict rules to ensure public safety, we are bound by these rules under our license conditions. We will also require approval from the landowner for the take-off and landing site(s).

How close can you fly to people & property?

Our permission requires us to stay 30m away at take of and landing and 50m away from people and property or 150m from groups of over 1000 people when flying. However, if a person or group is ‘under the control’ of our pilot, then there is no restriction and we can fly as close as we need.
For property, if we have owners permission we can as close as required.

How high / far can you fly?

We have permission to fly as high as 400ft (approx 120m) above the level of our pilot and up to 500m horizontally from where our pilot stands. This perimeter moves with our pilot, this distance is not simply fixed to the position of take-off. If you have large areas you need to cover, it may take multiple flights. We carry a stockpile of batteries to ensure we can stay in the air as long as you need. Get in touch with us to discuss your plans so we can achieve your vision.

What do you need to do before you can fly?

To be compliant with our insurance and the CAA we must carry out RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement) before arrival, which includes a study of aviation charts and local habitation and the surrounding area. This is to ensure we can identify the airspace, hazards and mitigate risks so we are safe to fly.

We will also where applicable, communicate with local Air Traffic Control, authorities, military and land owners to make them aware of our flight plans.

Can you fly in any weather?

Drones are generally not weatherproof however IMAGEAIR drones can operate in most weather conditions asides from the rain. We keep a close eye on the weather and stay in contact with you to discuss options if the weather may not be suitable on the day.

How much does it cost?

As all the services we offer are bespoke to your requirements this isn't an easy one to answer. The best and easiest way for us to assess your project in terms of pricing is to contact us for a free no obligation quote.

We do require a 25% deposit upon booking. A large proportion of our time  prior to any project can be taken up with the necessary planning and paperwork. This includes, risk assessments, equipment preparation, site surveys, flight plans, acquiring permissions and communicating with ATC and local authorities. This deposit ensures our clients commit prior to commencing any work.


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IMAGEAIR LTD is a UK based company, providing aerial videography and photography by means of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and operate under the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Air Navigation Order 2019. UAS 9497